About the name

In the Brazilian Martial Art, Capoeira, The Roda (“circle” or “wheel”) is the space where you engage with another person and play the game. By stepping in, you agree to see and be seen, to bring everything you have, regardless of how skilled (or not) you think you are, and discover what can be created together. I love this idea and think it applies brilliantly to coaching. Taking that first step to live deliberately, to participate in life as fully as possible and courageously make the most of what we’ve got, even if we feel the odds are stacked against us. It’s through this that we transform ourselves and everything around us.

About me

Initially, I trained as an artist, then actor. Creativity is still central to who I am and how I operate, both personally and professionally. I’ve also worked as a manager, small business operator and school teacher (amongst a myriad of other forgettable jobs), providing me with the practical skills and experience to find tangible solutions for real world challenges. In addition to coaching, I work as a facilitator in leadership, culture, communication, presentation skills and mental health.

Outside of work, I’m Dad to an awesome teenage boy. It’s both a pleasure and challenge seeing him develop and wrestle with this phase of his life, negotiating the complexities of social dynamics and the haunted forest of online life, showing incredible resilience during our seemingly endless lockdowns and ultimately, carving out an identity that speaks to his values and integrates with the world in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

I feel a deep affinity for nature and love exploring forests, mountains and coastlines. It never ceases to amaze me how rejuvenating this is and I miss it if I get city bound for too long. I’m a big fan of dogs, and though I don’t have one of my own at the moment, you’ll often see me patting or playing with someone else’s. I love most art forms and try to keep my hand in by playing music, acting, writing or cooking. Discovery is also important. This has taken the form of travel in the past but is also just about trying something new. The latest has been indoor sky diving. Mind blowing!

And finally, friends, food, exercise, good conversation or just finding the time to sit outside and stare at the clouds all help keep me grounded and appreciate the gift of being alive.

Roda’s Values

The principles we operate upon and what it means for you


I’m fascinated by life, the possibilities of our human experience and understanding how it all goes together. I’d love to hear your unique take on things too, what lifts you up and brings you down, what ‘s most important and what you’d be and do if nothing stood in your way.


Inspired by Gestalt Therapy, I recognise life is fundamentally interconnected. We seek and thrive from experiences that occur in the space between ourselves and another. In this way, our sessions are a co-created partnership, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts in a space that is safe and revelatory


I honour clients as whole and an expert in their own lives, with a unique identity and experiences that are true and valid. I’m not here to tell you what to do, just to get you get closer to your version of fully realised life. I also acknowledge the courage and vulnerability this takes.


I believe in relentless optimism for the future, whilst remaining clear sighted about the present. I trust in people’s resourcefulness and ability to rise to the challenge, even in the most difficult of circumstances. This is where I’ll have your back 100%, even if you have doubts.


I aim to bring all of myself and encourage you to do so as well. You’re free to tell it like it is. It doesn’t have to be pretty or nice, just real, because ultimately , that’s what’s important . Yep, letting down your guard can be really awkward, which is why I make sure you feel completely supported in a completely non-judgemental space.


I see the world as a grand stage to play the great game of life. Sometimes it’s a serious game, other times less so. Regardless, we want to have some sense of fluidity and playfulness, to find the fun, maybe even in the bleakest of times.

Indeed, this is often what leads us toward the light.

Everything is already inside you

When we connect to a true sense of ourselves, we connect to our power. Here, we stand in the centre of our being, proud and alive. Inspired and capable. Grounded and resilient. As our unique light shines, so too do we illuminate all around us.

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