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Unleash your potential and make great things happen

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I’ll help you build a business that is innovative, resilient and successful

Inside the Roda, you’ll find the freedom to safely explore possibilities, move beyond limitations and build capacity. It’s more than just talk though. Together we’ll create tangible actions that transform your life and those around you

Etch Your Niche

Etch your Niche

Utalise your innate capacities to maximise innovation and productivity. Discover key strengths, set goals and build meaningful actions that turn on your superpowers and make you a force to be reckoned with

Make It Happen!

Make it happen!

Maybe you’ve got a great idea, a business to start or grow, or just want to make some improvements. With so many demands on your time, it’s easy to lose track of that vision. I’ll help get you crystal clear on that vision and turn it into a reality.

Creative Mentoring

Creative mentoring

It’s easy to get stuck in patterns of what you know. Sometimes an outside eye makes all the difference between trudging on and reaching the stars. In a truly collaborative process, we’ll work together to make something extradordinary


Why have coaching?

Coaching taps into our innate wisdom, allowing us to peer over the wall of limitations and see the possibilities of a fully realised life.

It shines a light on parts of ourselves that have been forgotten and helps them have a voice. It celebrates what makes us great and in doing so, displaces the need to protect from unnecessary fears and doubts.

Most importantly, coaching amplifies the signal of our positive self image through action so we can lead deliberate, conscious lives, with behaviours aligned to our highest ideals.

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What’s inside the Roda

Discover what’s on the flip side!

Get your ducks in a row

Creating a successful life

Let’s explore what’s most important to you and then start to align everything in support of this. We’ll see what you’re doing well and where you need a hand.

Make it so!

Getting stuff done
Whether it’s working out a financial plan, starting a business or taking steps to reach an important goal, I’ll help you map it out and get it done.

Any Kind of Weather

Resilience and agility

True strength comes from within. I’ll help you put a stake in the ground for who you are and what you stand for. I’ll also be there to support you if someone else tries to pull it out!

I've got your back

Explore in safety

Working on yourself can feel a bit daunting sometimes. That’s why I create a supported space where you’re free to be whatever you need to be, without judgement.

Max it out

Utilizing, Optimizing, Maximizing
Backed by Positive Psychology,  Gestalt Therapy, neuroscience and a range of innovative techniques, we’ll bust through limitations, supercharge your strengths and connect you to your power

Find EI Dorado

Validation and Contribution

I’ll help you appreciate the unique  gifts, wisdom and value you bring to the world. You’ll feel proud of who you are and discover what a positive impact you can have.

About the name

In the Brazilian Martial Art, Capoeira. The Roda (“circle” or “wheel”) is the space where you engage with another person and play the game. By stepping in, you agree to see and be seen, to bring everything you have, regardless of how skilled (or not) you think you are, and discover what can be created together. I love this idea and think it applies brilliantly to coaching. Taking that first step to live deliberately, to participate in life as fully as possible and courageously make the most of what we’ve got, even if we feel the odds are stacked against us. It’s through this that we transform ourselves and everything around us.

Be an asset to yourself and others

Improving our life and the world around us starts with self knowledge. By articulating our values and behaving in alignment with them, we make a stand for what is most important. It’s a lot easier and faster with a trusted co-pilot beside you. I’ll help you find that place where you feel most alive and full of purpose. Together we’ll create a life you can be proud of that brings benefit to everyone.

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