Why get Coaching

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I’d like you to imagine your life sometime in the future – 1, 5, maybe even 20 years from now. Base it upon your current circumstances and trajectory.

What does your it look like?

What are you doing, who are you surrounded by? How do satisfied do you feel?

What are you grateful for? What is missing? What fills your heart and what makes it sink? What do you regret? What are you most proud of?

Now come back to the present moment. What feelings are you left with?

If it’s “I’m awesome and totally on the right path!” then you can probably stop reading, though of course, you might also want to check out how to protect this vision to make sure you do actually get there.

Most of us will have a combination of feelings. There might be some fear, some excitement, or even just a feeling of emptiness. Our vision might have been a bit blurry. Perhaps it was hard to have much of one at all.

If this is you, that’s ok, you’re not alone and it’s very normal. Because it’s not normal to consider your life in this way, which is why a lot of people end up feeling very disappointed about how theirs turns out. Without a clear target it’s very hard to hit the bullseye or even know which way to shoot.

So, how about we do something different? How we design the life you want and put things in place that give you the best chance of achieving it. Imagine what that’s going to be like, to look back and go “Yep, that was time and effort well spent. I did some things I’m proud of and lived a full life”

You could have a go at doing this alone but it’s tough. How often do we set out with good intentions, meet an obstacle, get stuck, get busy, put things to one side and suddenly it’s 5 years later.

Having a coach is a great way to guarantee your success and provide you with the support you’ll undoubtedly need at some point along the way. Through a collaborative, creative and thought provoking process, we articulate what’s most important to you and find novel and sustainable ways to get it. There’s something magical that happens when two people get together to focus on something. You just can’t replicate this alone, regardless of your discipline.

It’s those moments of revelation that seem to come out of nowhere, the unearthing of strengths you didn’t even realise you had, the pathways to navigate difficulties that suddenly appear.

It’s about celebrating what makes you great by tapping into your innate wisdom and resources.

It’s listening to that voice that is sometimes buried way down inside and giving it space and resources to articulate what it wants and needs.

It’s about discovering who you can truly be, connecting to what’s most important and living a life fully realised.

Sounds pretty good, right?