Why get Coaching

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Sometimes it feels like the longer it goes on, the more crappy it gets and there is no way out. Sometimes you come up against things you feel powerless against. Or, possibly worst of all, you waste your time and end up with a handful of broken dream and heart full of regret.

Good news is, you’re not alone and there is most definitely hope. You do not need to accept a life of quiet (or noisy) desperation.

Roda is founded on the principle that you have a pure, native sense of self and it knows exactly what you need in order to be at your best. It’s a bit like a blueprint or your psychological DNA.

The thing is, life gets in the way of this. Or more so, the way our minds deal with life. It’s a bit of a bugger like that.

From a very early age and we acquire mechanisms to help us adapt to our environment. When something gets in the way of our basic needs, we perceive it as a threat. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s real or imagined, physical or psychological. The mind perceives them all equally as challenges to our safety and, by inference, our survival. We want to protect ourselves and guard against anything similar happening again. These strategies sit in the shadows of the unconscious mind and persist well beyond their relevance. They’re bits of you, stuck in time, from when you were a lot less capable or aware, naively trying to protect you from monsters in the dark.

Left unattended, these parts become like scar tissue, restricting you from what you can do and from reaching your potential. They may also develop into unhealthy, destructive patterns that sabotage your best efforts.

This is where Coaching comes to the rescue. It taps into the innate wisdom of our pure self and allows us to peer over the wall of limitations and see the possibilities of a fully realised life. It allows us to shine a light on forgotten, frozen parts of ourselves and help them come of age. It helps us celebrate what makes us great and strong, and in doing so, displaces the need to defend or hide from what we fear.

Most importantly, coaching amplifies the signal of our positive self image through action. It’s simply not enough to just talk about things. We need to embody our insights in order to make them real. This brings us into the present and allows us to lead a deliberate, conscious life, with behaviours aligned to our highest ideals.

As coaches, we’re there to facilitate this process, using various tools and techniques whilst still honouring you as the expert on your own life. We’re here to connect you with that wisdom and then cheer from the sidelines. We’re there in the nets, practicing with you. We’re there with you every step of the way because we believe in you and want to see you at your best and most fulfilled. We want you to feel the fun, beauty and enjoyment of life on the other side of that wall and do something great with it. We want you to come alive.